Tourism & Recreation

opendate_range31 Mar, 2021, 9:00am - 12 May, 2021, 4:00pm

Ballina has a lot to offer as a tourism destination and has great potential to further develop its tourism industry as a key economic sector for the town. Ballina has a number of major tourism products, particularly the River Moy and its associated salmon fishery, the Ballina Street Festival and Salmon Festival. It is also well located to act as a gateway to the wild and scenic landscapes of the west of the county. Some current and proposed development also offer considerable opportunities for the town. These include the development of the Jackie Clarke Collection, proposals for the Mary Robinson Centre, proposals for a Salmon Museum, and proposals for the Quay.

The new Local Area Plan has a key role in the protection of tourism assets and landscape whilst enabling appropriate tourism development.

Questions to Consider:

Q. What can the Plan do to support tourism in Ballina?

Q. Are there areas that have the potential to be developed for tourism and recreational purposes?

Q. Are there specific areas of tourism that should be targeted e.g. heritage, leisure, activity tourism, and how can the Local Area Plan facilitate these?