Compact Growth /Regeneration

Closeddate_range18 Mar, 2021, 9:00am - 29 Apr, 2021, 4:00pm

The sustainable growth of compact urban settlements is a top priority of the national planning policy, with particular emphasis on the regeneration and repopulation of urban cores and built-up areas.

Questions to Consider:
Q. How can the LAP maximise the use of any vacant or underutilized sites in the centre of Westport?

Q. Are there many suitable sites in the centre of Westport?

Residential Densities
Previous Westport Plan was very low on residential densities. Central government guidance on 35/Ha+ must be adopted on all residential lands within walking distance of town core
Why are there so many vacant houses in Westport
It seems strange that it has been allowed to happen but why there are so many empty/vacant houses in Westport, when so many people are looking to buy or rent properties. I understand that...
submissions on all topics
Population and Housing Q. What are the priorities for housing in Westport, in terms of size & type of housing? Q. Are more town centre apartments needed or is there need for more...