Urban Design and Placemaking

Dúntadate_range18 Már, 2021, 9:00am - 29 Aib, 2021, 4:00pm

Urban Design involves examining all elements that contribute to a place such as buildings and their uses, streets, footpaths, open spaces and ensuring that those elements blend harmoniously to create an attractive and distinct end product. Public realm is defined as all external spaces that are publicly accessible, including streets, parking areas, footpaths, squares and parks.

Questions to consider:
Q. What urban design standards should apply in Westport?

Q. What are the unique features of Westport’s urban environment that should inform future policy?

Q. Where do you see potential to enhance the public realm in the town?

Keep our library as it is
I know we all desire change but why change for change sake! The library venue it ideal for many reasons -it is visible and it's easily accessible- one can easily walk there safely especially children...
Assisting people with disabilities.
There should be an objective to design a town which is more inclusive, whether this be for parents with children, and the disabled, through dropped kerbs and tactile paving, as well as the provision...
A thriving, inclusive & resilient town
The importance and value of high quality Public Space The last year, in which we experienced the impact of Covid at a global, national and local level, has and will continue to change how we...