Compact Growth- Key Development Area/Regeneration

opendate_range31 Mar, 2021, 9:00am - 12 May, 2021, 4:00pm

The sustainable growth of compact urban settlements is a top priority of the national planning policy, with particular emphasis on the regeneration and repopulation of urban cores and built-up areas. This approach focuses on maximising the use of infill, vacant and underutilised sites and of buildingsthat are suitable and capable of re-use to provide housing, amenities, jobs and services.

The potential for regeneration within the town core has the potential to bring about transformative change in Ballina. The policies of the Local Area Plan must consider the cumulative impacts of regeneration and redevelopment of major sites in tandem and ensure that commensurate social, community and cultural facilities are provided to both facilitate and address projected population growth.


Questions to Consider:

Q. Where in Ballina should additional population and economic growth be focused?

Q. Where are the key opportunity sites suitable for (re)development in Ballina?

Q. How can we encourage the reuse of vacant properties and address dereliction to revitalise the town centre so that it is a vibrant, welcoming, attractive place to live and work in, visit and shop?